Top 5 Best Intelligence Agencies

Top 5 Best Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence agencies play a fundamental role in maintaining the dignity and prosperity of the country. These are basically secret organizations that work day and night deliberately in order to maintain the security of the country and providing people a relaxing environment, imagine a life without any secret agency then what would happen there would be no security in the country and terrorist also don’t have any source to be afraid of, it would be extremely pathetic to live in this world, no rules and regulations and no morality just mortality and mortality.

Therefore intelligence agencies are mandatory for any country and the way they are working is extremely difficult to follow and elucidate with extraordinary experienced and skilled individuals collecting data through various means is a very hard job to do.

CIA, United States of America

The intelligence agency of the United States of America is among the best intelligence agencies and is named as CIA that is the abbreviation of the Central Intelligence Agency. It is an independent intelligence agency world widely that was established in 1947 and it’s headquarter is located in Virginia. It operations under Direction of Nations Intelligence and its major objective is to protect and secure the residents of America.

The aims of this organization are to collect, organize and analyze information from all national and international circumstances and this information aid in making strategies to counter terrorist and other warring attacks. It is a popular agency that receives the best fund and has 22,000 employees and is appreciated as being the speediest in dealing with every facet of world issues. There are four main heads of this agency including Directorate of support, directorate of science, directorate of intelligence and national clandestine service.

MI6, United Kingdom

MI6 which is the abbreviation of Military Intelligence, Section 6 is the intelligence service of the United Kingdom and is commonly referred to as the SIS or Secret Intelligence service. It was established in 1909 and therefore one of the world’s oldest secret agencies whose main office is located in Vauxhall Cross, London. It works in collaboration with different organizations including joint intelligence committee, defense intelligence and internal security service and therefore ensures national security and counter-terrorism. It is a recognized and strong intelligence agency that major aim is to provide information to the government regarding any unusual activity.

RAW, India

RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing and is a special intelligence agency of India that was formed on 21st of September, 1968 as a repercussion of 1962 and 1965 war. It’s headquarter is located In New Delhi and it deals with internal as well as international issues of the country. Its major objectives include protecting national borders, collecting information regarding foreign government to counter-terrorism and also to protect the nuclear program of India.

FSB, Russia

The main secret agency of Russia is FSB that is termed as Federal Security Service. It is one of the world’s best intelligence agencies that was founded in 1995, its main office is located in Moscow and has developed systematically. The most substantial fact about this organization is that it sets standards for the operation of the country and therefore the country as well as the law comes under this agency. It’s more than 250,000 agents work day and night for the prosperity and security of their country. It is mainly liable to the internal security of the country, border security, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, surveillance and drug smuggling.

MSS, China

The MSS or Ministry of State Security is a secret agency of China and it’s headquarter is located in Beijing. It is an active agency that was founded in 1983 but is becoming more strong and powerful with the passage of time. It is responsible to ensure the security of the country through impressive means against enemies and foreign detectives and to oppose revolutionary activities that disrupt the social system of China. This agency is culpable for foreign intelligence as well as for counterintelligence operations.